My forthcoming release with Static Reason is finally being released in a few weeks. It was over a year ago that I begun corresponding with the label about putting out an album with them. I naturally prolonged the potentiality of releasing what I had under my belt at the time. This allowed me to create tracks that were in keeping with my sonic intentions for Cataclysmia instead of rushing and releasing what I had or wanted to do. I have found that I sometimes get bored easily if focus on one specific compositional approach for a period of time, I naturally enjoy exploring other approaches which in turn keeps music itself fresh, and my compositions in other genres more focused.

At the same time I was composing really commercial sounding things like jingles, corporate backing tracks and even karaoke backing tracks of all things! It’s interesting juxtapositioning oneself like this, putting yourself through a multitude of emotions and mind frames, immersing yourself in imagined soundscapes. 

Here is the title track from the album