Recently I was put in touch with Steve Fairclough, a screen writer and actor based in Lancaster, England. He and a small team of people created a short film called ‘Crica’ which documents the deteriorating mental health of a male and his relationship with a female. There is no dialog in this short film, only subtle diegetic sounds. So the score is pretty much prevalent all the way through. 

Initially I begun composing on a computer with a quad core processor, 6gb of ram which was running 32bit DAW applications! Basically, I was trying to compose a score that was growing massively in terms of instrumentation/sound effects and was causing my computer to crash repeatedly because it couldn’t handle it! To begin with my computer couldn’t even play the video smoothly within Ableton anyway, it was very jittery. It was extremely frustrating because the deadline was upon me. Anyway, I had been planning to buy a new computer for a while and did so in time for the extended deadline. The computer came two days before the deadline, the first day I had to install all the software I needed for the score to continue working, and the next day I basically crammed a few days of work into one.

Below is the trailer for Circa. The music to this trailer was actually composed by my good friend Lee Affen. So the score for the film will obviously have a different sonic identity and interpretation of the film itself.