I had no idea this was released, I’m normally pretty good at keeping on top of what Burial puts out.

I found his Street Halo E.P to be OK, it was more of an extension of what he had already been doing, which is fine in terms of monetising music. His sound on Kindred was somewhat different, but I’ve been waiting to hear him explore further with his sound in terms of style, which he is in Rival Dealer. That’s what I want to hear, I want to hear a musician/producer mature and develop into other areas because, isn’t that what we do as people?

Writing this as I listen through the E.P I’m now on the second track ‘Come Down to Us’ which is really different for Burial, it’s almost got a more traditional urban sound with more of a hip-hop beat. It still has the iconic degraded sound that Burial somehow employs throughout his work. Very refreshing to hear that it’s different stylistically though. During the track, after a break, the track has a very surprising change and a bright electronic bell chord progression is introduced. It sounds somewhat displaced, but appropriate at the same time. As the track develops some cinematic percussion is then introduced with some accompanying vocals, again very refreshing.

Now onto the track ‘Hiders’. This track opens with a piano voice which again I have never heard Burial do! It’s so interesting to hear someone change/develop stylistically but maintain their sonic identity, that’s a special trait. I hope for more of this from Burial. The track uses subtle rhythm initially and later a more upfront drum pattern is introduced with an 80′s sound. It’s quiet a mash of styles and ideation, but again it works. Beautifully crafted.

Looking forward to hear more from him.