These two years I have been intermittently thinking about the concept of time and the way it is perceived in modern western society. It seems we live in an epoch where we are inherently attached to time; rountinised. I believe that living in this way can desensitise our understanding and emotional relationship with the present, of which is minute if measured with our concept of time. I propose that moments of an emotional and intimate nature are of the present tense but are intangible to time. Moments could be considered an ethereal sequential phenomena that exist in their own domain, moments are a personal or collective transcendental occurrence existing and sustaining in the mind. I would consider music and sound to be one of these transcendental experiences, in that sound’s ability to create atmosphere and invoke emotions make it possible to capture moments, enabling these moments to sustain as memories and emotions. For example, when a smell can evoke a moment from childhood, bringing back memories and emotions instantly. 

R. Murray Schafer coined the term ‘Schizophonia’ which is the splitting of an original sound and its electroacoustic reproduction; ‘Schizo = Split and Phono = Sound’. Before audio recording, sound would have otherwise only existed singularly. Now single sounds can be recorded and dissipated ubiquitously. Perhaps this plethora of sound, not only from our industrialised environment, but also from recording, contribute to the desensitising of our perception of moments. Schizophonia describes a splitting, which in this case could be considered a dividing of real world moments and ‘artificially’ captured moments. The recording of a performance is a captured moment now existing in its own time and non-physical domain alternate to our own.


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